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Blockchain technology, has the potential to transform the way we live, work and transact value. Although it is not yet adopted by the majority of society, it’s impact will be exponential as we discover more ways to implement this technology.

For example blockchain technology provides the opportunity to combine the processing associated with general ledger and payments infrastructure. In time, it will offer the ability to execute smart contracts, referenced against the movement of store of value. Blockchain offers the potential to remove ageing and expensive processing and technology infrastructure, particularly applicable in the areas of identity, loyalty, payment and trade settlement.

Blockchain Hub is a specialist strategy consultancy working on leading edge technologies including digital and blockchain strategies. We provide expert business development and educational services involving the use of blockchain.


What we Do

Education & Understanding

We show you how all blockchains work by demystifying the first protocol of this kind - the Bitcoin Blockchain. We deliver educational webinars, workshops and talks.

Blockchain business development

Realise the true potential of blockchain technology for your customers and solidify your business development strategy for blockchain based products and services.

private equity Advisory

Expert private equity advisory and holistoc support with formation of Initial Coin Offerings from concept to implementation strategy, including legal, tax, regulatory & governance.


our clients

At Blockchain Hub we aim to please and cherish good business relationships. We take delight in serving, and we are very proud to be working with the brands below.


Witness the power of the blockchain live


The Bitcoin Blockhain

The Bitcoin blockchain was the first of its kind and is publicly available to see. You can view the live Bitcoin blockchain now by clicking the button below.